Goharconex industrial group and a familiar name in the field of sustainable production of prefabricated buildings and modular molds and concrete accessories, as manufacturers of prefabricated and concrete format of its activities in 1379 with the help of the Lord produce concrete formwork accessories started and in 1386 entered the field of pre-made products during 1389, the company registered in the Companies Registration Department and non-commercial organizations formally the activity of. Now, after several years of experience in producing Connex, caravans, kiosks, containers and prefabricated houses against earthquakes and production of concrete formwork and accessories, has always tried to keep in line with developments in the industrialized world has moved and so, according public authorities, industry executives and engineers will attract the country.

The team having qualified staff, equipment and production lines, focus all its efforts to respond to the needs of its customers and has attracted more and more customer satisfaction. Along with higher demand in Iran and neighbors to buy the product (standard and prefabricated buildings and facilities modular concrete blocks) according to climatic conditions and geography of the region in recent years, this group has the necessary knowledge of the special features of customers' interest in Iran and external, to produce and supply a wide range of products, and has therefore a significant share of the Iranian market and region (Iraq and Afghanistan) has its own.


                                                                                                                                                     Managing Director Industrial Group Goharconex

                                                                                                                                                                  M. Salmanpour